Addison Township is in the north eastern part of DuPage County encompassing all or parts of the towns of Addison, Wood Dale, Bensenville, Itasca, and Elmhurst, and has a population of over 95,000 people.  It has a geographical dimension of 36 square miles running from Devon Avenue on the north to North Avenue on the south, Route 53 on the west to County Line Road on the east.

For over 100 years Addison Township being one of nine townships in DuPage County was overwhelmingly Republican.  However in 1972 all that changed because in that year a pair of Democrats got elected from our area to the DuPage County Board.  Then in the 1973 Township election the Democrats won seven of the eight Township offices.  That contributed to another loss of two more Republican County Board seats in the 1974 election.  To make matters worse Democrats hiding under the cloak of being Independents held the Mayor offices in three of the five towns within Addison Township.  Of the 52 precincts that existed at that time, (there are 63 today), there were only 9 people who were willing to serve as Republican Precinct Committeemen.

It didn’t take long for the Democrats to screw up by doing what they always do by raising taxes, abuse zoning laws within their communities, and just plain outright corruption.  In the 1977 Township election Republicans took back six of the eight offices and in 1978 won back two of the four County Board seats.  In 1980 the GOP won another County Board seat back.  In 1981 Republicans won back all the Township offices, and finally won back the remaining County Board seat in 1982.

Today, due to Republican downsizing government, our area, County Board District One has only three County Board Members.  With hard work and by the grace of God we elected Republicans to all three seats. One from Bloomingdale Township, one from Addison Township and one from York Township thus allowing for well-balanced geographical representation.
Apparently Republican victories in DuPage got under the skin of the majority Democrat Party in Springfield who in 2011 redistricted with extreme bias the Congressional, State Representative and State Senate Districts in DuPage in a way that makes the word Gerrymander an understatement.  Where we once had one Republican Congressman we now have two, both Democrats.  From one Republican State Senator we now have three, two Democrats and one Republican.  And from one Republican State Representative we now have four, two Republicans and two Democrats.  Most of these districts were carved up to insure Democrat majorities within each district.

One horrible example is the 5th Congressional District that runs from Hinsdale north through Oak Brook, Elmhurst, then curves sharply east through Democrat suburban Cook County and Chicago all the way to Lake Michigan.  Does anyone in DuPage County really think we can elect a Republican Congressman there?  Not likely!

So now the battle begins.  Will DuPage County voters revolt in the 2014 election and turn away Democrat efforts to change DuPage County into Chicago West and help us elect some Republicans? We’ll have to see come November 2014.  Thank God Addison Township voters in the Township election of 2013 elected all eight Addison Township Republicans.  It’s a start.