fred_bucholzIt has been my pleasure serving you in the DuPage County Recorder’s office for the past 24 years.  I have been involved with many technological changes to ensure the quality, accuracy, and safety of your land records.  I am a proven, trusted, and professional administrator.  Customer service will always be my number one goal.  Over the past 24 years I have faced many challenges in the Recorder’s office.  I believe that identity theft and mortgage fraud are the challenges the Recorder’s office faces today.  Personal identity theft affects us all.  I am confronting this issue and will provide the residents of DuPage the tools they need to protect sensitive information in the Recorder’s office.  Mortgage fraud has created an undue burden on innocent homeowners requiring them to seek legal assistance.  I am creating a Property Fraud Alert System that will be one of several road blocks needed to deter unscrupulous people from using your land records for their personal gain.  I hope I can count on your support and your vote on November 4th to continue this mission.  Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your DuPage County Recorder.


Fred Bucholz…

•    Has been married to Becky for 12 years.

•    Has three children, Brigette, Jack, and Danny.

•    Was born and raised in Elmhurst, IL where he graduated from York Community High School in 1973.

•    Graduated from Knox College (Galesburg, IL) Cum Laude in 1977 with a B.A. in Political Science.

•    Currently resides in Wheaton, IL where he is a member of Gary Memorial United Methodist Church.

•    Is a member of the West Chicago Lions Club.

•    Is a member of the Elmhurst Elks.

•    Is a 6th generation DuPage County resident.


Fred Bucholz…

•    Was elected DuPage County Recorder in 2004.

•    Served as Chief Deputy County Recorder from 1984-2004.

•    Has been nominated to the Illinois Electronic Recording Commission by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White in order to standardize electronic delivery of documents to all 102 counties in Illinois.

•    Has implemented a maintenance budget for the last four years and has come in under budget for each of those years, returning unspent funds to the County Board.

•    Helped pass the Uniform Property Electronic Recording Act, permitting all recording jurisdictions in Illinois to accept electronic delivery of documents.

•    Proposed the implementation of a Property Fraud Alert System to curtail mortgage fraud.

•    Is currently enacting a series of measures to provide identity protection to DuPage County property holders in order to prevent personal identity theft.

•    Has taken steps to ensure the safety of all land records from 1839 to present from any unforeseen man-made or natural disaster.

•    Created the Metro Recorder Group, which includes DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties, in order to create common business processes.

•    Proposed the formation of a continuity of operations plan with other counties in the Metro-Chicago region.

•    Chaired several committees in the Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders including:

o    Standardization of forms

o    Electronic recording in Illinois

o    Electronic point of sale with the Illinois Department of Revenue

•    Has been selected as a member of the DuPage County Strategic Planning committee vested with the duty to shape the county’s role with its citizens over the next five years.

•    Is a member of the DuPage County Technical Committee, overseeing technology purchases for the county.

•    Has expanded by over thirty years the information available to the public via the Internet to save on transportation costs.

•    Formed an intergovernmental agreement with the Circuit Court Clerk to allow electronic delivery of documents, reducing costs for both offices.

•    Formed a partnership with the Supervisor of Assessments using recorder expertise in managing document scanning.

•    Formed a partnership with the County Clerk allowing access to Clerk documents through the Recorder’s website, thereby saving the costs of creating an additional online payment procedure.

•    Is writing legislation in conjunction with the courts of the 18th Judicial Circuit protecting mistaken identity with credit bureaus.

Professional Organizations

Fred Bucholz is a member of the…

•    International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurers

•    Illinois Association of County Officials

•    Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders

•    Property Recorders Industry Association