paulhindsThe County Clerk is the Clerk of the DuPage County Board, Secretary of the Liquor Control Commission, Secretary of the Forest Preserve Commission and Secretary of the Emergency Telephone System Board.  As such, the clerk must attend all meetings, keep a record of the proceedings, attest to all ordinances and resolutions and warrant the County Treasurer to pay all county bills.  The County Clerk issues many different licenses: marriage, civil union, business, liquor, raffle, tobacco, amusement device and notary public; furnishes copies of birth, death, marriage and civil union certificates; files and records economic interest statements of all officials in DuPage County.  The County Clerk plays a vital role in the taxation process by compiling the up-to-date list of all county parcels of property for tax assessment, calculates the amount of tax for each parcel and certifies those amounts to the Treasurer for collection.