chris_kain• Handles over 30,000 land parcels with an assessed valuation in excess of $11 billion.

• Continues to pursue legislation for an increase in the Residential Exemption for Homeowners (Tax Relief).

Chris is an Addison Township resident who brings with him 18 years of experience with the Assessor’s Office. He started in the office as Assessor Clerk, then moved up to Deputy Assessor of the Residential Sector followed by Deputy Assessor of Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Aside from attending the College of DuPage and Iowa State University, Chris holds a 1-A, 1-B, 1-D, and IIA Certificates with the Illinois Department of Revenue. With the Illinois Property Assessment Institute, he holds a B-100, A-200, S-303, A-400, and 502 Certificates. To be an Assessor you need, and Chris has his IAAO, CIAO, and IPAI Certificates.

Chris was instrumental in working with former assessor Chris Kachiroubas for the Senior Tax Freeze/Relief. He advocated an increase in the Residential Exemption for Homeowners (tax relief) and ultimately became President of the DuPage Assessors Association. He is responsible for almost 30,000 real estate parcels with a market value of over 11 billion dollars. Chris also serves as Vice President of the Addison Township Foundation.